Dalam resah hati yang menjelira,saya mengharapkan sisa Ramadan yang masih berbaki membuahkan benih-benih CINTA kembali.

Seeking for love and rejoice,

I’m climbing the stairs of the world,

Carving name along the journey,

Holding this world passionately,

And I feel so satisfy.

But do I realize,

I’m just constructing a useless exertion,

Making a huge dream in this dimension,

Peg a strong fantasy in a mirage,

How many I’m collecting,

It’s still not enough.

Where the serenity and peace?

Even the light of fame escorting me,

I’m still in darkness,

Empty and desolate.


I’m halting in conscious,

Remembering my past convention,

Everything is just for a while,

Is He forgives me?

Is Allah looks at me?

Is Allah loves me?

I’m counting the days,

Along this Ramadan,

May this 30 days,

Brings true love and tranquility,

Before my ship moves to the next destination..